Welcome to the Authentic Happiness 10 Week Online Program!

Would you like to feel happier and calmer each day?

Would you like to never take things personally again?

Would you love to know yourself inside & out and what makes you tick?

(Especially in those moments, you are eating chocolate, yet saying you want to get healthier!) 

Would you like to increase your energy by at least 30% and get at least TEN Hours or more each week to do what you love?

I felt the same, I was looking for REAL answers and REAL solutions, not just a quick fix. I was so tired of being up and down all the time with my emotions and not understanding why.

I was tired of living my life, reactive to events, people and situations and I wanted so much more, not just for myself, but for my girls as well. 

And how could I possibly teach them, if I didn't have the answers for myself?

So I went on a journey!

And what I'm going to be sharing with you in this weekend intensive training, will change your life forever, or all your money back. 

This program, changed and totally transformed my life and the best part is, not only do you get lifetime online access to it, but you also get to personally experience it, first hand, with me as your mentor and guide in an intimate setting.

You get to pick my brain all weekend, as we directly apply what you've learnt to your real life situations. 

We don't get taught this stuff at school, we don't get given the classes about relationships, about money, about real optimal health and well being. 

We don't get taught resilience, emotional intelligence and what ultimately drives the decisions we make.

We don't get taught why people do what they do, when it seems totally irrational.

So beautiful, 

This moment is up to you...... 

You get to DECIDE if you will step into your Empowerment and your Freedom.

You get to choose in this moment if you will take action or is this going to be something else that you put off and "make it a maybe I’ll do it later", only to discover years later, that none of that got done and you are still not where you want to be?

I know that’s not you!

I know that there is WAY MORE inside of you, than you are currently allowing yourself to be. I know this because I was afraid too. I was afraid to take action, I was afraid to speak my mind and speak my truth, I was afraid to be honest in conversations if it meant that it would cause an argument, even if inside I felt like I was dying and felt trapped and alone.

I know that there is a part of YOU, that is STRONGER than any challenge that you have ever been through or that you will ever go through. 

I know that there is a part of you, that is READY to DREAM and to COMMIT and to BE.

Or are you going to listen to that voice of fear that says you can’t do it, what will others say, and it’s too much anyway… What will it COST you to listen to that voice? 

What will your life be like in 10 years if you DECIDE to let your FEAR get in your way of what you really WANT?

I’m 100% COMMITTED to helping you get the RESULTS you DESIRE.

I know the feeling of FAILURE and giving up on myself at times and letting FEAR win and I know the FEELING of STEPPING UP and bringing all my COURAGE to that moment and I know how I feel after both AND which one I CHOOSE to feel each day. 

EVERY moment of our life we get to decide,


going to be in each moment.

THIS moment is yours.

Can’t wait to see you in there!

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10 Weeks Of Unbelievable Value and Awesome Rocking Content delivered ONLINE in the COMFORT of your own home, to share with your kids and  to change your world,


VALUE: $3997

A full Library of READY to access, 12 Months of LIVE Weekly Webinars, expanding on the ideas covered in the course and delivered in an online Supportive Environment.

 VALUE: $970.00

Supportive ONLINE COMMUNITY with LIKE MINDED souls on your Journey


 Information that you can share with your Children and Spouse to help EMPOWER them also.





Module Overview

1.Prepare for Your Journey (Scared to Ready) 

Overview: - This week is all about preparing you for your exciting journey ahead. Making sure you are committed, honest, energised, nourished and focused for the days ahead to ensure that you get the absolute most out of this program for yourself and your loved ones.

“Success is where Preparation and Opportunity meet" ~ Bobby Unser  

2. Destiny Deciders (Unconscious to Awake)

Overview -  This module is all about learning what drives our behaviour consciously and unconsciously. Discover what has been at the cause of your decisions and has shaped your destiny and brought you to this moment. Move from feeling anxious, stressed and tired to making new conscious decisions from a place of total self-awareness.

"I am the master of my fate and the captain of my destiny." ~ Nelson Mandela 

3. Align Your Heart (Masked to Unveiled) 

Overview –  Discover your hearts desires, gaining absolute clarity on your personal vision for your life, who you believe that you are deep down inside and describing your perfect day, so that you can begin living it! 

The only way to predict our future is to create it..... Abraham Lincoln

4. Find Your Freedom (Imprisoned to Free)

Overview: This module is truly exciting as you will learn the tools and strategies to set yourself free from painful limiting beliefs, fears and unresourceful emotions. Letting go of guilt, asking for help and saying no when needed. This module will take you from feeling imprisoned by your thoughts to finding your own freedom in each moment.

“The freedom to be yourself is a gift only you can give yourself. But once you do, no one can take it away.” ~ Doe Zantamata

5. Live Your Truth (Meaningless to Purposeful)

Overview: This module is where the rubber meets the road. After a journey of self-discovery, this is all about now implementing your own personal truth in your life. Create daily consistent habits that take you to where you want to be and fine tune your planning and scheduling to create that sacred space and time for yourself. Learn how to be more present in your life each day, taking you from just moving through the motions, to a life full of purpose and joy.

"Face your Fears, Live your Passions, Be Dedicated to your Truth." ~ Billie Jean King

6. Bonus Life Enhancers(Mediocre to Rocking it!)

Overview: Learn how to create heartfelt communication, align your family, create incredible chemistry with your intimate partner and bring more magical moments, energy and happiness into your life every day. Take your life from feeling mediocre to totally rocking it with these Bonus Life Enhancers! 

“Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.” ~ Grandma Moses

If the program is not for you, I totally  RESPECT that, TRULY. However PLEASE do something for you!!

You totally deserve to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

And I’m here to let you know, that it is totally possible…. 10 Years ago, I would have never dreamed that I would be here, CREATING my life, moment by moment, EXACTLY the way I wanted to.

It’s here waiting for you – MAKE the little moments COUNT!

With Love,

Sal xox

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