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A Pocketbook of Love
In our busy lives, so often we can forget to take care of ourselves. We can tend to put everyone else first and can end up feeling empty, exhausted, tired and drained. Nobody likes to give to others from a place of feeling obligated, have to and should...... This can certainly increase feelings of anger, guilt and resentment. 

By learning what the secrets are to taking time out for yourself and not feeling guilty, or perhaps embracing more things that you love to do, that make you feel truly happy, you will improve your own health, relationships and overall happiness. How would it feel to give to others and do things for others from a place of joy, love and contentment?
  • Learn what stops you from loving yourself and why this happens.
  • Discover how to overcome negativity that can contribute to experiencing depression and anxiety.
  • 11 Simple and easy steps that you can take immediately to start transforming how you feel right now.
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