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How to wake up with Energy and let your Inner You Shine!

14 Days to Regain your Energy, Build your Confidence and Get your Sparkle Back!
Are you a busy, stressed and tired Mum?
I used to feel the same!

I'm Sal Holden and as a busy Mum of 2 girls, I know that in the rush and the busyness of life that we can tend to neglect ourselves and feel burnt out and that there’s just nothing left in the tank. We can feel that we can’t relax until it’s all done, and the problem is that it’s never all done right? There’s always another meal to cook, more laundry to be taken care of or something needing to be cleaned, or somewhere that someone needs to be.
We can end up feeling drained, empty and lost .
We can find it hard to say no, to those that we love the most, even when we really need to .
We can worry about upsetting others and letting others down and almost feel that we have lost control of our life .
And just plain losing confidence in our self, our dreams and what was once important to us .
All of this makes it harder to find the energy that we need to get out of bed everyday, but not only that it takes the shine off how we feel. 
That's why I created 14 Days to Rise and Sparkle! 

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The 14 day Rise and Shine Program!
Here's what you get!

  •   14 Days to get back in touch with you.
  •  Discover your hidden truths, passions and to get back to self-care and filling up your own bucket .
  •  Transform Guilt, Anxiety and the Stress of everyday life .
  •  Get your life back on track.
  •  Wake up feeling amazing and energised and ready to start your day .
  •  14 Days to get your sparkle and twinkle in your eyes again.
  •  Be more present with your kids.
  •  Be more productive than ever before through taking time out for you to fill your bucket.
  •  Be supported with a beautiful like minded supportive community and ask me any questions you'd like to
  •  14 Days of Amazing and Liberating Content to help you breakthrough and transform your life, delivered to straight into your inbox.
  •  Discover what’s currently blocking you doing the things to fill you up, even though you know that you should .
  •  Learn how to get your energy back with these quick simple changes that you can implement easily and immediately.
  •  Get back to loving you and feeling proud of you again.  
  •  Jump into Being Confident being you again.
  •  Make decisions easily.
  •  Feel calmer and more relaxed even though you are getting more done in a day.
Here's what one of Sally's Clients had to say from working with her!
The reason why I created this program is that I used to really struggle with my confidence and self-love too and I wanted to not only feel better in myself but also be a great role model for my girls. I didn’t want them growing up thinking that this is how you need to live and what you need to do when you are a Mum. 
So if you’re finally ready to stop worrying about what others think and feeling that you just want to hide from the world, then this is absolutely for you!
Typically a course like this would go for around $297. But I wanted to make sure that this is super affordable to everyone that really needs this, so as part of my launch I’ve decided to price this at just $147.

  However for the first 50 customers, I am offering it for $97 only and I am also throwing in my Ebook A Pocketbook of Love for Free!
Remember this offer is only for the first 50 people.
All you need to do is fill in your details below to sign up now.
I know that your confidence and belief in yourself is going to change for good.
You’re absolutely going to love it.
Isn’t it time for you to sparkle!
The Rise and Sparkle 14 Day Program will give you the confidence and make your life easier by loving who you are again.
Grab yours now and remember,
It’s the little moments that count the most.

Love and Blessings,
Sal xo
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