7 Days of Aligned Living - Extra BONUS of another 7 Days!


Hey Beautiful!

Do you find that quite often you're feeling highly emotional, and life is quite chaotic for you? 

Do you find that you easily get stressed, or do you feel burnt out or exhausted, or not sure where to turn to next?

 Do you find that things just unravel and it's hard to get to work on time, the kids perhaps are not following suit, and life just feels like it's completely chaotic and out of control? 

If so this course is EXACTLY for YOU!

Let me explain..... 

I know you’re hurting. 

I know you’re tired and exhausted and even though you believe that you are doing what you should be doing. You feel confused at times though, because you thought you would feel happy living your life like this and giving to others and taking care of your family, because it’s who you are.  

But the truth is, you’re exhausted, you’ve been giving so much to others and you know that you just can’t keep living like this. Because you feel others’ sadness so strongly at times, instead of taking well deserved time out for yourself, sometimes it just feels better to just keep pushing through and taking care of every one else.

Unfortunately this leaves you feeling so conflicted because at the end of the day when it’s time to be with your family, have fun and relax, there is nothing left in your reserve tanks and all you want to do is sleep and be by yourself.

 This causes you so much distress, because being a great parent and spouse is so absolutely important to you as well.

I know you feel angry and resentful at times and then also angry at yourself for feeling this way, because it’s not who you are and you just wish there was another way of doing this, but you don’t know how.

You may feel that you need to be working the hours you do, to create the income you want for your family. 

You may feel that you need to be continually studying and working on your own self development, so that you can continually grow. 

You also may have to continue to push yourself to get everything else done around the house; otherwise all the wheels will fall off.

It seriously just doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day. 

I know you crave to just take a day off and breathe and escape it all and at times when you withdraw, deep down inside you know that it is not in a healthy way, as it’s coming from wanting to push people away, just so that you aren’t compelled to give to them anymore.

I know that you feel this way, because I felt that way too.....

After years of stress and exhaustion, I discovered the keys to making life easier and feeling happier and calmer than ever before!

The truth is that, internal happiness and alignment is not like a one time certificate, that once we have it, we have it forever. 

It is a "in the moment" thing. 

We either are or we aren't.

To be truthfully honest, I'm still not there all of the time, however instead of being off track for months, weeks and days, like I used to, with what I have discovered over the last 8 years and tonnes of study, I can turn my emotions and alignment around in under an hour, quicker if it's only something small!

I'm super excited and passionate to share this with you, because it DOES make a difference! 
Not only that, I have years of learning and thousands of $$$$ that I've spent in studying what I will share with you over the 7 Days!

It will assist you in empowering yourself and not only will you have the tools to FEEL better each day, true alignment makes life SOOOOO much easier!

When we are living in alignment we find the parking spaces easier, we have people ring us that we need to speak with, things fall into place and we find ourself living a life of joy and happiness and being in FLOW!

If you are ready to LEARN about ALIGNMENT and MASTERING YOUR EMOTIONS, jump in! 

See you in there!! 
With love, 
Sal xo
What You'll Get
7 Days of Aligned Living! With an EXTRA 7 Days!
  • Learn how to Master Your Emotions and allow them to Guide You
  • Improve Your Physical Health
  • Let go of Struggle and Effort
  • Create Greater Flow and Harmony each day
  • Be Less Reactive and More Proactive in Your Relationships
  • Get out of Overwhelm and Procrastination
  • Stop Feeling Stuck and Start Taking Action
  • Discover how to Master Fear and Create a Life You Love
  • Learn the tips to create FAST Manifestation of what you DO want!
7 Days of Aligned Living ( Now 14 Days)
Master your Emotions and Create a Life you Love!
A 14 Day Course designed to assist you to get clear on what you want, align your heart and emotions with your goal, clear your sabotages and beliefs that are holding you back and take actions on your biggest dreams! 
I'll be there with you along the way as your friend, mentor and coach! 
Daily videos and worksheets to empower you in creating a life you love!
"I can't wait for you to experience this.
It's going to be so awesome!"
Sal Holden
Founder of Options for Life and Abundant Heart Coaching
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