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Who is the Challenge for?
 If you are feeling frustrated, stressed, tired and overwhelmed.
 If you feel lost and directionless and not clear on your goals.
 If you regularly procrastinate, find excuses and don't make time for what really matters most to you.
 If you have a big goal like starting your own business that you've still not taken action on yet.
 If you emotionally eat.
 If you regularly experience anger and resentment with those that you love most
 If you find yourself more and more impatient with your children
 If you want to learn the steps to moving past your biggest blocks and self-sabotages.
 If you want to be a great role model and empower your children.

Who is the Challenge NOT for?
 If you don't care about not fulfilling your dreams.
 If you want to hold onto your excuses more than you want to make changes in your life.
 If you genuinely are 100% delighted and happy with the way your life is and are not wanting to continue to grow.
Here's what client's had to say from working with Sally...

" are truly inspirational!!!
You motivate and challenge me to be the best version of ME that I can be each day.
I love being empowered to create the life that I want.
Thank you so much, Mel Rhodes"

"Your work is amazing Sal! I would strongly recommend you to anyone who wants more in life! ❤❤❤
I love working with you and I love the new directions you send me!
You change my perspectives so many times, it's a great challenge.
Love it, love it, love it!
Thank you for being you xo" Brooke French

"I feel super, I actually feel like super woman!
Yes! This has been so worth it, you say all the time, hat’s off to you, but without you by my side Sal, without that accountability and that support, no way. I can’t put a price on it to be honest and I don’t think that until people have actually experienced it, that they would understand.

Real, empowering....Magical!!" Corrina Ray
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