12 Months of Mastery
12 Months of Focus
12 Months of Unstoppable Growth
So just for a second imagine it's December 2021......

You are out to dinner with your friends and you are all chatting about what’s been happening in life over the past year.

Are you excitedly telling the story of how amazing you feel?

That this year has been one of the best years of your life? 

That things have happened that you didn’t believe 12 months ago would be possible?

That you are feeling happier and more content than ever before?

Or are you nodding in agreement with your friends, that life is busy and stressful, the kids are full on and time doesn’t seem to slow down.
You’re working harder than ever before and are busier than ever before. You just don’t feel like you are getting ahead and life is not getting any easier. You all laugh and the conversation moves on however, you are left secretly wishing that you could just make those feelings of frustration, anxiety and exhaustion go away?

I know you don't want that to be you at the end of this year.
However until we truly 


Until we truly


Then all it will ever be is just a dream.

I believe that we all want to experience true freedom in our life.

The freedom to fully embrace and actually LIVE our dreams. To have certainty of the direction we are travelling and to live a life of authenticity. To let go of playing small and living a life that causes us to want to escape, procrastinate and distract ourselves with menial things.

The freedom to create your own Ultimate Life.

 This comes from having a powerful mindset, surrounding yourself with people that cheer you on and inspire you to be your best and getting absolutely clear on what are the right actions for you to be taking,  when and in what  order for you to get the results you are wanting.

What if you could take 1 hour per week, to revolutionise your life and reset your mindset?

To create this year as your best year yet?

What would that be worth to you?

What would that change?

What else or who else would that impact and help?

Here's what just a couple of the 2018 participants had to say.... 
"Thank you Sal for a wonderful 12 months of growth and experience. I would never have started my own business without your guidance and training. It’s been a successful year, with regular clients booked into 2019. 
I’ve learnt to set personal boundaries, made new friends and enjoyed the whole process of Inner Circle Master Class. I really enjoyed the Manifestation subject – I’m looking forward to more growth with you and the Inner Circle Master Class in 2019.” 

“Sally Holden – The most amazing inspiration of my 2018. No words are enough for the gratitude I feel. And I have absolutely loved this group. Bring on 2019!” 

  I am so super excited to be offering another 12 months in 2021 of  
"The Empowered Woman Inner Circle Mastermind"

Creating your Ultimate Life

12 months of Mastery in Health, Relationships, Money and Mindset.

(Not to mention becoming a manifestation queen, key action taker, creating an incredible intimate relationship, more adventure, confidence, fun and celebration than ever before!)

I created this, because deep down,
  I understand that whilst gaining knowledge and getting more information is great. 

It still doesn't create change for a lot of people.

Anybody can google a "how to" on anything these day's.

In todays world there is more information available than ever before.
Yet people are still stuck.

It is not a lack of information that holds people back. 

Most people get caught up, lose focus and forget to show up for themselves, because they are so busy taking care of everybody else, that they often get to the end of every year, filled with disappointment that they didn't achieve their own goals.

Even worse, is getting another 5 or 10 years down the track and feeling the same way.

Don't let this be You.
You were born for more.

How do I know this?

Because you wouldn't be reading this if you weren't.

I know that the fact that you are reading this,
means that you are hungry.

It means you are ready for change.

You are ready for more.

You want this.

Actually no, you need this for you.

For so long you've been giving to others and denying yourself.
For so long, you've dreamt of this life.

And now is the time to embrace it.

What holds people back, is they try to go it alone.

They try to do it all themselves.

And will power works,
but only for so long.

According to all the latest data, what absolutely creates long term change is:
 and a

And I help you create all three.

I want to see you win.
I want to celebrate with you.
I want to be alongside you in your journey.
I want to kick your butt, when you need it most, to overcome your own bullshit stories that are holding you back.
I want to dance with you when you reach your goals.

I know that the people that succeed the most, are surrounded by a powerful peer group, that cheers them on and supports them.

They have access to great information, but also are held accountable on  implementing the information in a way that they can fully utilise it to progress their life.

They are CLEAR and FOCUSED, they develop amazing daily and consistent HABITS to take them to where they want to go.

They ask themselves powerful quality QUESTIONS.
They PLAN their days and weeks and know what's most important to them.

This is the BEST VALUE ever! 

What I will share with you over the next 12 months has personally cost me over $270k to learn, understand and implement in my own life.
The investment cost is ridiculously low, for the changes that I know you will make in your life.

I know you will love it.

If you are ready to commit to a great year ahead,

To look great and feel amazing,

To jump out of bed feeling enthusiastic about the day,
To create greater income and increase your money mindset,
To feel happier, have greater peace, confidence and wellbeing,

And to know that you are absolutely on track,

Then this is it!

This is what you get in the Program:

You are so worth it!
It's all up to you now Gorgeous,

You get to DECIDE.

You get to CLICK  the button below,

And say YES to YOU!

P.S. If you are not 100% convinced that this was not the best money you've ever spent, I offer a FULL 100% money back guarantee within the first 30 Days of your subscription.
So What do we Actually Cover in the 12 Months?  

• Goal Setting –  Ultimate Clarity and how to create the inner state to win!

• Manifestation – Embrace the Universal Laws to make achieving your dreams easier than ever before. Get out of struggle and into Flow and Ease and Alignment. I share with you the processes that I did to create my own dream life.

• Money – Smash through fears and limiting beliefs about Money – You will be shocked at what is currently holding you back. Create daily manifestation visualisations and goals. You’ll be amazed at what turns up and shifts in this area for you! This one training alone is worth the entire 12 month payment!

• Health & Energy – Discover what you don’t know that is impacting your emotional life massively everyday and how to change this.

• Spirituality – How to truly connect with the inner you and get the ultimate in daily life guidance. What to do with your negative mind.

• Purpose/Career/Business – What sets your heart alight with passion? What excites you? Where have you been holding back and how to overcome that.

• Confidence/Self Love – This is a biggie for everyone! And we can always uplevel in this area. This is one of the keys to allowing yourself to receive, receive, receive, take action and to feel incredible!

• Intimate Relationships – Are you in or out? What determines an amazing long term relationship? How to improve your current one with sparks and chemistry, or create an amazing new one! We dive deep into your biggest fears in this area and unravel, what’s holding you back.

• Fun – This is imperative for a long and happy life! Where have you got too serious, learn what to do, to shake things up a little ;) This is perfect content after the intimate relationships!

• Friendships – How to create even more meaningful relationships, that truly will assist and support you in living your ultimate life! Your peer group is one of the largest influencers to your personal success.

• Travel/Toys/Adventure – What would be amazing for you to experience? What do you really want in life? Give yourself permission to really play and have fun in these areas. Remember the more joy you bring into your life, the more you get to share that with others. Discover what other areas this is currently impacting and will actually lead you to create more money flow.

• Celebration and Reflection – Keys to creating an amazing New Year and why celebrating will lead to even greater success in your life. 

I can promise you, this is something that you will massively regret, if you don't decide for you now.

I am so passionate about this, I truly believe that saying yes to you, will be the single most important decision that you decide to make this year.

If you are ready to step in and show up for you and get to taking action FINALLY on creating your ULTIMATE LIFE and leave your old bullshit stories, far behind you,

If you are ready to play full out, to get total clarity, to dig deep inside to feel passion, enthusiasm, and to feel more alive than you've probably felt in years, then this is for you,

If you are ready to say yes to you, to live and be ALL that you know that you were BORN for, 
Then click below now!

Take action NOW, to get your extra amazing cool BONUS, that one client made an extra $1000 from in just a few days after doing this training.

Can't wait to see you in there!

Love and Blessings,

Always, In all Ways,

Sal Holden xo
PKP Kinesiologist and Intuitive Coach, Founder of Abundant Heart Coaching  & Lover of Life !
Sally has assisted thousands of clients, to create massive momentum and embrace positive changes in their lives over the last 11 years.
Her mission and soul purpose in life is to Inspire Self Love and Gratitude, leading to living a fully Empowered life.
Mel Rhodes
Sal...you are truly inspirational!!! You motivate and challenge me to be the best version of ME that I can be each day. I love being empowered to create the life that I want. Thank you so much
Brooke French 
Your work is amazing Sal! I would strongly recommend you to anyone who wants more in life! ❤❤❤ I love working with you and I love the new directions you send me!
You change my perspectives so many times, it's a great challenge.
Love it, love it, love it! Thank you for being you xo 
Leeza Macauley   
I could not recommend Sally highly enough. Sally is so good at what she does. My business has benefited so much from having regular appointments with Sally, and so have I! Thank you ♡
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